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• Imagine the Holy Spirit regularly moving with signs and wonders. Imagine authentic and passionate worship with a sense of God. Imagine youth moving in the gifts of the Spirit including the prophetic.

• Imagine youth encountering the power of God’s Word, the Bible. Imagine youth engaging in consistent time in God’s Word. Imagine youth understanding how to study God’s Word.

• Imagine joy as the expectation. Imagine youth laughing and having fun. Imagine regular fun events drawing in youth from the city.

• Imagine youth leading, making things happen, building teams, and actively involved in everything we do.

• Imagine deep and not superficial relationships as a normal experience. Imagine youth engaged in healthy and authentic community.

• Imagine youth experiencing spiritual and emotional freedom. Imagine youth seeking us out for healing.

• Imagine organic outreach all over the city. Imagine youth freely and spontaneously sharing the good message of Jesus Christ without need for motivation. Imagine a God-inspired movement in Houston.

• Imagine parents engaged in the spiritual development of their youth. Imagine parents actively involved in the youth group as the norm.

• Imagine youth drawn in through an extensive media presence. Imagine quality communication through social media, emails and the web.

To develop youth to encounter God and personally grow in God’s Word, through relationship and an engaging, fun, and safe environment. A.C.T.S. 2:42.

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Dustin has a heart for God’s word and loves spending time in God's presence; his life was radically changed in 2004, his senior year of high school, when he gave his life to God. Since then, God has called Dustin to serve and lead youth, he has worked with youth for over 11 years. He moved here from Kansas City to Houston in 2018 and has been an important part of the Victory family.
He is a die-hard Kansas City Chiefs fan and loves Marvel movies!

Youth Director Dustin Vargas