Spoke into the Worship Team.

“Saw scrolls all over the place. Seeing scrolls coming down and being given. The team is entering a new season of receiving these downloads of heaven that is going to open with brand new songs individually and corporately. There is going to be a sound that comes forth from this church and congregation and from what God is doing in your lives. Not only will it be given to you and come forth from this sanctuary, but I see these scrolls be given and then dispatched and dispersed to the nations of the earth. I believe something is going to happen just around the corner, a turn around. God is going to being to bring favor, anointing, and blessings in an unprecedented way upon this team and ministry. The sound that God is giving to you is going to be a sound that is heard around the world. A sound a new sound, song, and glory that will be heard in the nations of the earth.

Speaking into the Church.

“Wisdom, a new wisdom & strategies is coming in this season. There are new strategies that are coming in this season. We’ve been talking about the new all weekend, and I see it so clearly. There are new strategies that are being given from the heart of the Father to the heart of a Father. It’s strategies from Heaven being given for the new thing, the new thing. There’s been things that God has done, blessings that he’s brought, and revival that’s been birthed. Waves of anointing and miracles that come forth from this congregation and this place. But God says “I’m getting ready to take you to a whole other place all together. You’re entering in to a new place of standing in the promises not on them but in them, in them, in them. The promises that I have spoken and given to you, oh yes you will stand in them. The expansion and increase of my glory. There is new wisdom that is coming for this new thing that God is doing. The Lord has had you in the Proverbs, focused and fixed on the revelation of unprecedented & unparalleled blessing overtaking you on every side. The overflow of God…but you are about to go to a whole other realm all together. A whole other realm. New songs and new glory.

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